Tadpole Dee
Tadepole Dee

Tadpole Dee

The Pond of a Thousands Mists is in turmoil as the spring season arrives. Dee, a naïve young tadpole, decides to leave his traditional life as an amphibian and explore the forest.
He will soon discover that between the creatures of the forest and the creatures of the pond, things are going from bad to worse…
as a mysterious force is destroying both worlds.
As a natural link between the forest and pond worlds, the young tadpole will do everything in his power to make things better. His pure-hearted innocence and great curiosity will cause him to share and build friendships with various creatures; each more surprising than the other.
With their help, Dee will discover the secrets to The Pond of a Thousand Mists universe and eventually discover what is causing harm to the world around them…

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