Power Bag
Power Bag

Power Bag

Mike lives a loner’s life in the quiet village of Marguerittes. Despite his antisocial ways, the cheerful village folk accept Mike as he is.
One night, Mike discovers a strange creature dying in a garbage can. After saving the creature, Mike learns it’s a Powerbag named Pandy, a legendary backpack whose mission is to fight the army of Lady AMP, the evil queen responsible for the Great Disaster. But in order to fight, Pandy needs a bearer to unleash his power. At first, Mike doesn’t care Pandy and its responsibilities. With time, Mike will find sympathy for Pandy and discover his destiny as the ‘Pandy Bag’ Carrier.

During their quest, Mike and Pandy meet other Carriers and wild Powerbags who will join them in their struggle for Liberty.

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