Bill (Benoit Boucher)

Pragmatism and Accuracy

The very first job Benoit ever wanted to do was Lion Hunter. As he soon learned of the risks associated with such a job (and the difficulty of employment), he lowered his ambitions (as he has his whole life; 29 years & counting!) and decided to become a wasp hunter…then an archeologist (he likes Greek mythology and Indiana Jones), then a paleontologist (he thought that archeologists were also into dinosaurs, and that’s what he likes best!) and, finally, an artist… which seems just as unrealistic as those other jobs. Despite that, he entered a graphic art class in high school where he met Gobi. He later met Fabien in an illustration class at the ESAD School of Art in Strasbourg. For their college thesis project, the three artists collaborated on a short animated movie called ‘Catfish Hotel’. It was the first creation by ‘Catfish studio’ which Bill, Gobi, and Fabien later renamed ‘Catfish Deluxe‘.

After college, Bill created the ‘Zblucops’ comic series for the comic books magazine ‘Tchô’ with Gobi. He then created the ‘Luchadores Five’ comic series in the ‘Lucha libre’ anthology with Jerry Frissen. Finally, Bill created ‘Krrpk’, his first solo comic book series.

Now with Catfish Deluxe, Bill hopes to develop all of his wildest projects (and maybe a couple of boring ones too!).

Gobi (Baptiste Gaubert)

He’s certainly the most talented and charismatic member of the team!

Born in 1980 in Nimes, France, Baptiste was raised in an artisan family. Like many kids, he drew a lot. As his mother is a ceramist, he discovered very early on how to interpret and translate his drawings into volume. Even now, Gobi considers his sense of volume one of the most valuable things he ever learned in design. Children’s TV shows also contributed to the expansion of Gobi’s imagination thanks to the massive importation of Japanese and American animated series during his more formative years. During the 90’s, Gobi discovered video games and was overwhelmed by their amazing universes and characters. Around the same time he also had access to movies reserved to an older audience like Robocop or Terminator.

Gobi decided to take an art class in High School. There he met Bill, and together they pursued to further their education in Illustration at the ESAD School of Art in Strasbourg. It was there that they met Fabien Mense. Gobi graduated in 2003, and began working for Tchô magazine on his first published comic book with Bill: ‘The Zblucops’. Later, Gobi took part in the ‘Lucha Libre’ comic anthology along with Fabien and Bill for which Gobi created the ‘Tequila’ series with Jerry Frissen.

Fabien Mense

Professionalism with a Smile.

Born on April 8th 1979, Fabien grew up in a little town called Ozoir-la-Ferrière. He drew from a very early age, initially as a favor for friends.

After graduating from high school with a focus in Literature, he took lessons at the Penninghen preparatory school. The next year, he was accepted and attended the famous Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg College. While there, he discovered the rich world of animation and met Bill and Gobi.

After graduating in 2003, Fabien was hired by the Marathon animation studio. During his employment at Marathon, he was a storyboard artist for the ‘Totally Spies’ animated television series. He also became a character designer for the ‘Team Galaxy’ series. During this time, Fabien worked for book publisher Flammarion as a Lead Artist of the ‘Les Sauvenatures’ children book series. ‘Les Sauvenatures’ is currently in development as an animated series by Alphanim.
In 2006, Fabien was back in touch with Bill and Gobi and joined them on the ‘Lucha Libre’ project, a collective of comics published by Les Humanoïdes Associés. Fabien created the ‘Lucha Libre’ comic series ‘The Tikitis’ with Jerry Frissen.

From 2008 to 2009, Fabien has been working as a character designer for ‘Hotel Transylvania’, the last full-length animated film by Sony Image Works.

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